Client Services

We are continuing collaboration with the Department of the Army in response to a grievances filed by various unions including the American Federation of Government Employees for asbestos, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium Environmental Differential Pay. Our support staff identifies and prepares expert witnesses in the fields of Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Medicine and Radiology. In addition, PTI Litigation helps ensure that all aspects of the defense strategy are fully developed, addressed and presented to the Arbitrator and the Federal Labor Relations Authority.
Our Litigation branch typically creates an historical  dataset from air samples taken from an Army Industrial Facility to determine employee exposure in various shops throughout the facility. These samples are then used as a cornerstone of a facility-wide initiative to minimize the use of harmful materials and to reduce worker exposure. To efficiently utilize this sampling data, PTI places the data into a relational database where it can be recalled and assessed.
  • Expert Witnesses
      Locate Top Experts
    Prepare an Expert for Trial/Deposition
    Prepare Attorney to Cross Opposing Experts
  • Data Analysis
    Data Mining and Collection
    Preliminary Analysis
    Develop Analysis Tools
    Database Development
    Build Technical Library
    Synopsize Materials
  • Document Management
    Copy/Scan/Code Documents
    Discovery Management
    Relevancy/Privilege Review
  • Trial Services
    Demonstrative Exhibits
    Witness Preparation
    Research Opposing Expert
    Audio/Visual Support
  • Litigation Avoidance
    Assess Potential Liabilities
    Exposure Reduction Strategies